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Meditation & mindfulness teaching for everyone, from absolute beginners to experienced practitioners 

1-2-1 sessions & group classes

Bespoke handmade crystal mala bracelets to aid meditation and help facilitate positive life changes


A little bit about me...

I have been practicing meditation for 6 years now, and in 2017 decided it was time to take my journey to a new level, and start sharing with others the wonderful benefits a more mindful approach to life can bring. I believe that we all need to take time to step back from the stresses and anxieties of modern life and allow ourselves to just be. Cultivating a regular meditation practice can give us that precious gift of space, to restore, refresh and renew our minds in order to better function in our busy lives, whether it's plain sailing or stormy seas!

In June 2017 I attained a Diploma in Meditation Teaching from The British School of Meditation, enabling me to guide students in a range of meditation styles and techniques.

I also hold a qualification to teach children and young adults meditation techniques and help them navigate the often challenging world they find themselves in these days.

I am fully insured to teach both adults and children, you can view my PLI here.

My personal practice centres around the meditation path of Mindfulness, a style that has evolved from the Buddhist meditation tradition. This is I believe one of the most straight-forward and adaptable school of meditations for most of us living busy, multi-layered lives, and has a wide range of meditation techniques to suit all individuals needs and preferences. Get in touch to find out more about how I can help you introduce a meditation practice into your life!

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Please get in touch to find out how you can incorporate meditation into your daily life to help you navigate the daily stresses of modern life.

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