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These custom-made bracelets and necklaces are inspired by the Mala beads used in Buddist meditation to count mantras, and can be used to support your meditation practice and affirm positive intentions, by giving an anchor to focus your awareness.

The unique properties of healing crystals support, balance and heal, depending on your individual needs. Crystals are found deep inside the Earth, all over the world, and each type has its own unique internal structure that produces an energy vibration. This is what creates the powerful qualities of each crystal. The basic function of a crystal is to create harmony - this is what makes them so effective as healers, when they come into contact with disharmony, in energy or physical matter, they work to restore balance.

Each Peaceful Soul mala bracelet or necklace comes with a script describing the unique properties of your chosen crystals, and this can be used to create your own personal mantra or affirmation that you can use to kick-start positive changes in your life.

All Peaceful Soul jewellery is cleansed & charged in sunlight or moonlight ready to be programmed by tuning into your unique energy vibrations, and thereby working for you in the most effective way. Please see my Blog Post "Programming Your Crystal" to see how to get the best from your Peaceful Soul mala bracelet or necklace.



You can purchase Peaceful Soul mala jewellery in the 'Shop' section of this website, but I am always happy to work with you to design the perfect mala bracelet or necklace for you or a loved one. Using a bespoke mix of stones that are specifically chosen by me to work best for your unique needs, whether its a stressful situation, particular health issue, or just on-going anxiety caused by modern life's never-ending demands. I can also make custom designs based on favourite colours, birthdays or your own personal favourite crystal. Below are some examples of some of my most recent bespoke creations.

Please note: custom orders can take up to 21 days to make depending on the availability of certain crystal beads. Price on application, again dependant of type of crystal but is usually £20 - £40 for mala bracelets and  £40 - £60 for mala necklaces.

Photography by Kym Lovell. Copyright protected 2018.

Black Tourmaline with Sterling Silver Stars Crystal Mala Bracelet
Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Rainbow Flourite & Amethyst Crystal Mala Bracelet
White Howlite & Black Tourmaline Crystal Mala Bracelet

Carl Sagan

"We are one species. We are starstuff."


How to put on your mala bracelet