Crystal Healing 108 Mala - Red and Gold Tigers Eye and Citrine

Crystal Healing 108 Mala - Red and Gold Tigers Eye and Citrine

'The Solaris'

This Peaceful Soul 108 mala is made from Red and Gold Tigers Eye and Citrine with a Sterling Silver Guru Bead and silk tassel.

Gold Tigers Eye is a protective stone traditionally worn as a talisman against ill wishes. As with all earth stones it is very grounding, giving balance and stability - aiding in collected scattered thoughts and bringing ideas into sharper focus. It is valuable for promoting self-worth and allowing self-belief to blossom.It is a uniquely high-vibrational stone, as it is grounded to the earth but also connected to the Sun, bringing joy and abundance. 

Red Tigers Eye additionally is a stone of vibrant energy, bringing motivation and physical & mental power. As it connects to your Root Chakra, it ensures you feel deeply rooted and strong.

Citrine is a stone of abundance, manifesting prosperity and success. True to its vibrant yellow colouring, it carries the energy of the sun - warming, energising and enhancing creativity. Like the sun, it imparts a happy, joyful energy, clearing any dark clouds away.


All Peaceful Soul malas are cleansed & charged in sunlight or moonlight ready to be programmed by tuning into your unique energy vibrations, and thereby working for you in the most effective way.


All Peaceful Soul malas are one size, as they are made with 108 beads as per the traditional Buddhist malas.


Hand-made in England. As each item is hand-made using genuine semi-precious crystals please note that every one will be slightly different. As crystals are naturally occuring formations slight variations of colour & appearance are to be expected.