Crystal Healing 108 Mala - Peach, White & Grey Moonstone

Crystal Healing 108 Mala - Peach, White & Grey Moonstone

'The Juno'

This Peaceful Soul 108 mala is made from Peach Moonstone with a Sterling Silver Guru Bead and silk tassel.

Moonstone is highly protective and nurturing for women in particular as it is connected to the lunar energy of the moon. Especially effective in improving female health, it calms stress and brings balance to physical and emotional energies. It is also a stone of hope, and new beginnings so can be a support during times of change - enhancing your connection to your innate female intuition, aiding in making positive choices and trusting yourself.


All Peaceful Soul malas are cleansed & charged in sunlight or moonlight ready to be programmed by tuning into your unique energy vibrations, and thereby working for you in the most effective way.


All Peaceful Soul malas are one size, as they are made with 108 beads as per the traditional Buddhist malas.


Hand-made in England. As each item is hand-made using genuine semi-precious crystals please note that every one will be slightly different. As crystals are naturally occuring formations slight variations of colour & appearance are to be expected.