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How to cleanse and programme your crystals.

Crystals work best when they are cleansed regularly, this enables their unique energy vibrations to maintain their natural strength and efficacy, this also applies to the crystal beads that make up your Peaceful Soul mala jewellery.

There are various different ways to cleanse crystals, dependant on their physical construction and energy blueprint.

1. Most crystals can be held under cool running water to refresh, clean and purify them - the only crystals that do not respond well to this are those that are made of porous and friable minerals (such as Kyanite). This option is not suitable for Peaceful Soul mala jewellery as the water will stretch and degrade the cord.

2. Bathing your crystals in sun- or moon-light is a wonderful way to re-charge their power, this doesn't need to be done outside, you can place them by a window and allow them to rest in the cleansing power of sun- and moon-light, either for a few hours, or overnight, as you wish. Your Peaceful Soul mala jewellery is always cleansed in this way before it arrives with you, and is a great way to periodically restore the energetic properties of your bracelet.

3. Smudging with sage is a very effective way to cleanse energy - it is very good for clearing spaces of negative vibes and works equally well in cleansing crystals, this would be a great alternative for purifying any crystals that cannot be submerged in water. Smudging with sage can also really help clear one's own personal aura if you feel inexplicably down, or lacking in energy.

Why do you need to cleanse your crystals? Crystals are powerful storehouses of energy, and their crystalline structure can hold and transmit huge amounts of vibrational healing. They can also deflect and repel negative energies in the forms of emotional negativity - psychic attack, 'energy vampires', ill-wishes and so on, and physical aggressors such as electromagnetic smog, pollution and geopathic emissions from mobile phones, computers etc. Periodically, all crystals need an opportunity to rid themselves of the build-up of negative energies they deflect for us, otherwise eventually they will cease to be of any support to us. It can sometimes be that a crystal may repel an extremely powerful energy; if this happens you may find one of your crystals suddenly broken, or change its colour and become opaque or dull. If this happens, the best thing to do is bury this crystal in the ground and let it return to the Earth, with gratitude, to rejoin the universal energy.

Once your crystal is cleansed, you can programme it with your specific needs. To do this, it is best to sit somewhere quiet, and come to a place of stillness and peace within your mind - try to allow all your thoughts to pass by without taking to much notice of them, and hold your crystal in your cupped hands. Focus on the shape, colour and patterns within the crystal, how it feels in your hands - follow any variations within its surface, and let your mind become full of the colours and depths inside the crystal. Then just welcome the energy of the crystal into your energy field, and ask it to help you in whatever ways it feels it is best served to do so - positive energies know where they need to go, and what needs support the most, even if your conscious mind is not sure.

you can then thank it for all it is doing and will continue to do for you, and then it is ready to be worn (in the case of your bracelet), placed by your bedside, or indeed any place that feels right to you - you may want to position it where it will often be in your sight, so that it can be a visual reminder of whatever it is you would like it to help or support you with and thereby foreground that positive intention in your mind over and over again.

The concept of affirming a positive belief or intention is a whole different topic, and one that we will explore next time!