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Mala Meditation

This is a short meditation for you to use whenever you feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed or simply need to take a few moments to clear your head and re-focus your attention.

Find a quiet space where you can be still for 15 minutes -you can adjust the time dependant on what you have to spare! It can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as half an hour or more - ideally sitting down.

Take your mala (bracelet, necklace, or full length mala) in your hand, holding it at the guru bead, and take a moment to find your breath. Bring your awareness to the feeling of the guru bead in your fingers, take a moment to notice how it feels - is it warm or cool?

Start to move your fingers over the next bead along, breathing in and out as you do so. Continue to hold each bead in turn, holding each one for a breath cycle. Remember to breathe naturally, don’t try to force or alter your breathing, just inhale and exhale as you move over each bead in turn.

If your attention strays as you are moving along each bead, as it undoubtedly will, just acknowledge your mind has wandered, and return to your mala. If you lose track of your beads or breath, don’t worry, just continue with the next bead along, returning to your natural breath. The action of holding each bead and moving on to the next, in time with your breath, is designed to allow you to focus on something rather than the chatter going on in your conscious mind.

You are not trying to empty your mind, simply disengage from the attachment we have towards our incessant thought processes - dwelling in the present moment using the physical presence of the crystal beads and our natural breath.

Once you finish one round of your bracelet or necklace, you may start again, if you wish to, as many times as you like.

You can come back to this exercise anytime you need to bring yourself back from becoming too caught up in your thoughts, anxieties or memories, and even if your mala is on your wrist, round your neck or in your pocket, just touching it can have the effect of re-grounding you and bringing your mind back to the here and now.