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Fresh Perspective

I was teaching a 1-2-1 Beginners Meditation session this weekend and it has reminded me how important it is to go back to the foundations of your practice every so often. Regardless of which type of Meditation we choose to practice, there is a common root - the presence of our awareness in the here and now. This simple fact is the most important truth to grasp in any practice, and it can have transformative effects on the way we look at our life and emotions. We tend to react to negative situations or emotions in one of two ways - either by fighting against them, or by shifting the responsibility for them into other people or things. For example, if you are feeling angry you may feel it’s helpful to say “well it’s so-and-so’s fault because they made me feel upset by the way they spoke to me” or you may get frustrated or sad at the anger and you feel and thereby reinforce the negative emotions. Instead, try to focus on the fact that you may feel angry, frustrated or sad in this moment, however each breath brings a fresh moment, and with it comes fresh energy and the possibility of change - so it is very possible that in the next breath, or the next few breaths, you can start to feel better. It helps in these moments to think, will I remember this in 24 hours? It’s highly likely that you will have moved through dozens of different emotions by that time and have experienced happiness, joy, laughter - and possibly more anger or sadness aswell - but the point is that this particular negative emotion will be a distant memory. Armed with this knowledge, you can see how transient feelings are, and although we feel very intensely they rarely last very long, and we can move into each new moment with the possibility of bringing a new emotion into it with us. This allows you to sit with that uncomfortable or negative emotion safe in the knowledge that it will pass. And from this awareness, we can develop further into  experimenting with consciously changing the way we feel - but that’s a story for another time! Right now, just focus on allowing yourself to know that any time you feel a negative or uncomfortable emotion, it is ok, it is here with you now but will be moving on soon, and with each new breath you take comes a fresh moment that brings with it an opportunity for change. Xx